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An Autobiographical Comic
Which is better for the title of this cartoon: 

"An Autobiographical Comic," as it is right now, or

"2017 In A Nutshell"?

I've been going back and forth, so if you (any of you) think that one title or the other works better, I'd definitely like to hear.

This comic is my attempt to express how it feels to read the news in the Age of Trump... which is, I suspect, how many or most of you feel, as well. If you felt that you could relate, reading this cartoon, then I think the cartoon is successful.

Depressing content aside, though, this cartoon was SO much fun to draw! It's a bit of a departure from my usual style, in several ways, and I have no idea if I'll still like it in a year... or in a week. But right at this moment, I'm pleased with it.

(Looking at this cartoon now, I suspect the image in the last panel - an empty shirt, mysteriously not having lost its shape, after the head is gone - was influenced by one of Terry Gillian's Monty Python animations.)

As usual, thank you all so much for supporting my work. It's because of you that I can create cartoons like this one, and I appreciate it so much. 

I'm posting this on Patreon a few days before I'll post it in public. Folks who are donating at the $5 or above level, please feel free to start sharing this comic immediately; everyone else, please wait a few days.

P.S. In non-cartooning news, there were 32 people at Thanksgiving dinner this year. THIRTY TWO PEOPLE! We couldn't even fit the entire table in one room - it had to go through a doorway and continue in another room. We do a pot luck Thanksgiving, so there was a mountain of food (I made mushroom pie), and lovely company. For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving (and it's totally fine if you don't, for all the obvious reasons), I hope you had just as nice a time.

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