AutoCAD Tutorial: Grid, Snap and Ortho Settings - 2min Tip, Trick or Tutorial #4

Hi All, Todays video is #4 of my quick tip series of vides I have been sprinkling in with the longer tutorials I make. This Tip, Trick or Tutorial video will be covering a few basic commands that you can use when working or setting up drawings. This way you can learn something new, and not have to spend a lot of time learning it. (don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments,)

So, In this  video I go over how turn on and off a handfull of usefull setting quickly in autocad, including how to turn on and off grids, snapping, and ortho lock using the buttons as well as the quick F keys options.

Let me know what tip, trick or tutorial you'd like to see next in the comments.

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