Automate Removing Mass Followers

I think nobody will argue that such accounts are a useless garbage in your followers list:

They are definitely not your customers; they followed you only to get your attention; most importantly, they decrease your account's ratio of reaches / followers, which shows advertisers your audience's quality. So it's better to remove such followers, but do it carefully! Your audience should always grow, so don't remove at once more than you get in a day.

So, we provide a tool to automate removing such accounts from the followers list. Note that this feature is available only after activation. Here is how to use it:

1. --remove-mass-followers 10
Basic usage. Script goes through your followers list, checks each user's profile and removes those who has more than 1000 followings. It will at most remove 100 users as provided.

2. --max-following 2000
Add this argument to remove only those who has more than 2000 followings. 1000 is simply a default value.

3. Whitelist
Of course there might be users whom you don't want to remove anyway. So, just create a file "whitelist.txt" and put it in the folder with your account's name inside Insomniac folder:

In the whitelist.txt file write usernames of those who you want to keep anyway. Please write usernames without "@" and one user per line like this:

That's it.

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