Automatron And A Sponsor?
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

After the post update from last night, I've had actually quite the adventure.  What was supposed to be a short stream of Bethesda's newest dlc for Fallout 4 "Automatron" turned into a 7+hour stream actually playing through the entire questline of the dlc with triple the average viewer numbers I normally get. 

Ranked in at the 3rd spot I hear with a new content release on twitch has me quite humbled. Slept for a few hours then got right back into the fray for another 7 hour stream in Fallout 4. 

Planning on a 5 hour stream tomorrow of Fallout 4 again, but I might switch Friday up as I've pretty much blown through the current content from the DLC already. 

Will pick a good alternate game for Friday if I do. Maybe The Long Dark as I feel a little bad for doing Fallout 4 instead of our Usual Long Dark Tuesday but a lack of new content was not as a good viewing as new content. 

I do have plenty of youtube content to get out today but I'm not sure I'll even get the usual one out today at this rate as all the streaming time didn't leave me anytime to upload sadly. Working on it tonight and will most likely publish tomorrow morning. 

As per my sponsorship tease, I do have some hopefully good news to report. I generally get a number of "Sponsor" offers a month which are usually hocking crap to your viewers or comes with many strings attached I'm always very hesitant to get into business like that. 

But earlier today I was contacted by a credible business without the need to "Sell" or promote something I don't believe in so I am in further contact to strike a deal which will benefit myself and my viewership. Will keep the name under wraps to not get hopes up just in case this falls through. 

So I'll continue my late night editing and hopefully be more energetic in tomorrow's post. 

Have a great night!



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