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So a few things been happening since last. We've got our camper, and started to make a couple of nice things inside, I should post some WIP pictures. Right now I am just painting some white that won't cover so its getting a bit on my nerves. Going down for a third time paint in a bit.

And we've been on our first journey to Denmark and back to Italy. I passed the test and got my driver's license in Copenhagen, yeah. And on the way down we visited some friends and places.

In Amsterdam Willow learned to say "baca" (aka "barca" or "boat" in Italian). 

We went to see a friend in an Eco Village called Ppauw in Wageningen. Unfortunately they were just in the process of tearing down their space, because there was gonna be build a road were their house was.

We went to see some friends in Germany, a visit to Prague and a visit to our friends in Austria. 

Our last stop was Schlosswalchen in Walchen, Austria. It is basically a rainbow castle! Or an old castle, with all the original furniture and stuff, filled with hippie rainbow people. We just stopped by quickly because we wanted to get south as the weather is cooling quickly, but we will go back and visit in the summer.

They also had a huge tent with a super cozy music, chill out space and café inside!

We had some problems with police on our way back through Germany and were held in the police station about 5 hours.. that lovely system...

But now we are back in Italy. It is getting cold up here in the mountains, so we are busy getting the house empty and the camper's interior finished so we can go down south - direction Sicily.  We will be here for Willow's 2 years birthday though, which is next Friday.

I would love to have time to write about some things  i thought about foraging and the whole philosophical aspect of living atm, but honestly I don't have many moments to sit down right now, and I feel constantly busy or tired, so that must be.. some other day! Don't know when, cause also on the road, with Willow, is having the hands full all of the time! I also don't know how much I'll be able to do commissions while travelling, which is a shame cause it could be a nice way to support ourselves, but lets see..

Right now I am doing a portrait commission, the one you see on the photo. It's a nice commission, I like the idea - gonna be a starry night universe sky behind her, so it's nice to make, apart from my lack of extra energy.

Okay, maybe that's it for now

see you