Autumn Plans for World Domination
First and most importantly, THANK YOU for your support. Thank you for listening to my music, for coming to my shows, for downloading my tracks and sharing with your friends - thank you.

For those of you who are patrons of my campaign, your awesome contributions last month allowed me to get the first run of CD duplication done for HOPELESS THINGS!  This is a HUGE milestone, and I'm excited to hold them in my hands and then promptly get them out to you.

With the completion of each step in my ultimate world domination plan, more ideas come to me. Next up: my first official house concert, followed by gigs in new venues, and soon, more merchandise to share with you all. Things feel like they're snowballing (in a good way) and none of this would be possible without your kindness and generosity.

The book has stalled a bit, but I hope to get it back on track this month. You'd think it would be easy - I know these songs inside and out, and have performed some of them for years, but conveying what they mean to me without waxing poetic for far too long is a bit of a challenge.

And I've got one HUGE project up my sleeve coming up after the first of the year. Not only will it include new music from me, but also a collaborative effort with several other musicians that will definitely make a splash. More to come on that...

In the meantime, I'm off to work on the book and have a couple of new songs in the woodshed. Thanks for being on the journey with me.

Love and light,


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