The Autumn Wind
What began as a poem became my very first song recording------     The Autumn Wind - 2014 release - Bore-dom and Pain on i-Tunes------        The Autumn Wind has come to pass,,, To stroke the leaves and brush the grass,,, With fire colours of red and gold,,, A communion prayer the brush unfolds,,,  The greens sleep yellowed, the dead you reap,,, Prepare oh Hallowed,,,, prepare to sleep…………   “Autumn Wind, fierce and strong,,, Fall the plenty for the winter’s long,,,  Ready the waters, ready the skies,,,  Flock the birds, it’s time to fly,,,   Ready the people, I feel the cold,,,  Their burden’s heavy… Let them be told”…...........   “Autumn Wind, whisper through,,,  Voice my message, take it to,,,  The out most reaches so all will know,,,  They’re trying me with grow and grow,,,   And if at last, you must yell,,,  Tell them all, I'll turn to HELL”………….