Avatars 2016-09-03
I'm now officially offering avatars as a reward for the $1+ tier.  That means all my patrons will have access to them.  A few are still free on the Skitter web site, but there will be an ever-growing library of 200 x 200 avatars for you to use on your social media accounts.

The variety will be huge! Some, of course, will feature Skitter characters, but a large portion will be completely random subjects like a movie/TV character, a sporting activity, a famous building, spiderwebs, the list can go on indefinitely. As long as I keep churning out comics, there will always be new avatars to choose from.

I'll collect all the avatars I currently have to a separate post immediately accessable to $1+ Patrons (That means all of you).

If you aren't a Skitter patron yet and would like to jazz up your Twitter or Facebook account with some sweet-lookin' cartoon love, it only costs $1 to sign up!  And you'd be helping support me as I spread comic strip happiness to the masses.