Aven Colony - Space Elevator
Okay so this coming weeks episode see's us build our Space Elevator which is certainly a milestone for sure.

We also work heavily on our Happiness and although it's not at the 90% challenge level yet, it's certainly getting there.

Now the question is with over 1000 population, almost 80% Happiness and a Space Elevator should we wrap this series up or push on for the 90% target that Nicholas Bradshaw set us in his challange?

I don't know if we can make 90%, but if we can we could spend next week purely on achieving this goal in order to move onto our next campaign?

I'll be putting it out there on Monday for everyone to comment on, so make sure you have your say on Monday too....

Also do you follow Aven Colony on Twitter?

If not you may have missed their shoutout tonight that they are adding a few more overlays to the game soon, they were kind enough to shout me out as the person who suggested these additions, now that is friggin AWESOME! (Make sure you comment on their tweet)...

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