Average Cost of Hiring a Vancouver Security Company

Why do you need security?

Security services Vancouver might seem like an unwanted complication to most of you because you never believe in theft, break-in and intrusion until it happens to your house, business place, or trade. But when you think of it as a form of insurance, it actually makes perfect sense. Hiring a security company Vancouver to guard your facility does not sound cheap, and it isn’t. 

But as an experienced security company is mandatory to protect your property, you would as well spend any crazy amount and get it done with. You do not have to do this anymore, because we decided to share with you some great insights on how to pick the best price rates for security services. 

Being knowledgeable about the main factors that should be considered before hiring a security agent is necessary to avoid any disappointments that are to come. Why spend more when you can spend less and get the job done even better?

How to evaluate the cost of security guard services

There are several factors that you have to take into account when you hire a security company in Canada. Before you go ahead and hire the first security agency that comes on top of Google when you search for one, there are a lot of important questions you must ask yourself. It is annoying how most security companies expect you to accept the changes they suggest. This is why it is crucial to know that there are also security companies that would customize their Vancouver security service packages according to your preference and budget.

Quality of security guards

A Vancouver security guard can come at different prices depending on several factors. Generally speaking, a security guard is a trained professional who does more than just sit and wait for burglars to come. He/she is specially taught to notice, understand and act faster than an ordinary human. True as this is, there are also security guards who doze off lazily half the time. 

A better-qualified security company would have a proper training period before the security guards start working and strict rules, regular patrol inspections and descriptive duty records after they are appointed to work. Such a security company would generally cost more.

Number of security guards

The number of security guards depends on several factors regarding your facility. If you own a large building where the rush of people is often high, you would need security guard posts near each entrance, inner doors, vehicle parks and exits. Also depending on what your building stores inside of it, the number of security guards you need might differ. 

Not only that, but also if your building has a higher crime rate, and if incidents of theft, invasion or damage have been recorded earlier – the necessity of installing several security guards and patrol services becomes prominent. More security guards would do more good and add more security, but that does not mean you must irrationally stack up security guards to every single place of your facility. Talk to your security agency about it, and decide.

Number of hours

Many security guards charge an hourly rate, while experienced security companies also have the option of year-round security packages that would not abandon you at any time. The cost of a security guard in Canada largely depends on the number of shifts a security guard has to take, and this differs again to the qualification, experience and armour of the specific security guard. 

While an unarmed guard would cost around 15$ to 20$ per hour, and an armed guard would cost almost double the amount. Sometimes settling for an unarmed guard would be risky if your facility should be highly protected against theft and intrusion. 

Even if the cost of an armed security guard would be comparatively higher, you would indeed fully receive the sense of security an unarmed guard would not sometimes give. The hourly charge system is beneficial in some cases where security service is just a one-time thing, but it is better to consider consistent security packages if you need security, uninterrupted throughout the year.

The location of your building

It is very important where you have your property under what environmental and social factors. The city in which you have your facility in Canada could decide which price rates you may have to agree to. While places like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have lesser rates for concierge security services, busier areas like Yukon, Nunavut and British Columbia have higher prices. Specifically speaking, British Columbia notes a monthly cost of about 15000$ for a 24/7 security guard. 

But the cost will definitely be cut down if you plan to hire a rover guard who would only be there for selected hours of the day. Depending on the service location, the weight and density of the work assigned for a concierge security guard change too. If the facility is busier, always bustling with people – a security company will charge more. If the building is small and has not much to be looked after, the cost would be cut down accordingly.

Quality of the security company

Last but the most important of all, the cost of a security guard depends largely on the company that he is employed in. Canada has a lot of security agencies to offer, but very few of them actually think about your budget when they hire out security guards and patrols. You can check the security company’s website, read customer reviews, and ask for references to know what you are actually dealing with. 

The costs should not be high, but always keep in mind that experienced security companies offer their services at higher rates than amateur security agencies. The money you spend on hiring an expert security agency in Canada would be more beneficial than handing the security of your facility over to an inexperienced company. Finding an affordable yet expert company is a bit of a challenge, but once you do it, it would cut half the cost of hiring a security guard from an expensive security company.

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