Avoiding Dead Ends on the Spiritual Path - Collaborator Convo with Beth 5.17.17
Beth is a friend we made at Envision Festival 2017, with whom there was immediate soul family recognition. 

Our first podcast conversation consisted of reflection about the spiritual path, the traps and pit falls that have been laid out by controlling forces, the nature of good and evil, and plenty of Gnostic and Natural Law talk (since that's all I talk about anymore). Thank you for letting me share our convo, Beth! 

Beth has joined the InnerVerse family of supporters through Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/innerverse) and as a $12 member, we will be having monthly conversations about Life, the Universe and Everything. Want to join in? There are still spots open on the InnerVerse Collaborator Council.  

Music in this episode is "River" by Austin Jones: https://goo.gl/IKDoJx

Austin is also known for his music as Kadela - https://goo.gl/i0Dynh

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