Avoiding Frailty In Aging
Not only do I want to add years to my life.

I want to add LIVING!!! ... to my years. 

That  is my ultimate health and fitness goal.  

I want to live an active and vibrant life well past 100... but NOT if the last 30 years are in a wheelchair.

I want (and expect) to live like I do today... well into my 80's and 90's. 

To achieve this... we must ALL avoid "The Frailty Syndrome". 

Definition of Frailty - "Becoming weak and delicate."

Components of Frailty

In other words, 'what to avoid'. 

  • Sarcopenia -  loss of muscle mass and low muscle function

As we age, it becomes tougher to gain lean muscle, not impossible but tougher. Maintaining muscle should be a priority for everyone and adding muscle should be a priority for all but the most muscular among us. 

This is why I'm against water-fasting for more than 24 hours.  Why risk losing lean muscle mass?  You shouldn't.  

Regaining what you have lost, will take a LOT of work.

What can help prevent sarcopenia?  Increased protein consumption and weight resistance exercise. 

  • Muscle Fatigue - muscle weakness

So not only can we lose muscle mass as we age, but what muscle we have can 'weaken'. 

Can  you guess what prevents muscle fatigue?  Yep, weight resistance exercise, or working your muscles under 'resistance' or weight. 

There's a trend forming... 

  • Osteoporosis - reduction of bone density, leading to increased risk of fracture.  

Guess what can help prevent osteoporosis? ... you got it,  increased muscle mass and weight resistance exercise. 

Steps to Avoid Frailty

  • Eating meat, consuming adequate amounts of protein. Protein recommendations are woefully short, especially as we age. I'm  currently researching my recommendations... stay tuned.

    * Research supports 2g per kilogram of body weight, or 1 gram per ideal body weight is a good starting point.
  • Weight resistance - lift weights, use resistance bands, or perform body weight exercises... regardless, work your muscles with resistance.
  • Sprint - or run, or jog, or walk. Try to increase intensity gradually.
  • Sunshine - daily mid-day sun if possible. If fair skinned, start out with five minutes and increase gradually. Avoid sunburn.
  • Sleep - Obtain good quality sleep. Studies support 7 hours as a minimum. This is my only real 'struggle', or challenge.
  • Stress Reduction - stress reduction is vital for optimal health. Yoga, exercise, deep breathing,  medication --- find something that works, for you. 

Much more on this in the coming weeks.

I will leave you with this. 

Part of the Aging Process?

A dear friend once commented on a post about Alzheimer's. "It's just part of aging."

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dementia, is NOT  'part' of aging, anymore than osteoporosis is 'part' of aging!!

The worst thing you can do is believe that dementia and frailty are part of your destiny... they are NOT!  

Eat meat,  play and run in the sun!!  
I'm planning on it for decades to come. 

#PaleoPoet :)