AVS Schedule Change
AVS is changing it's schedule to one update every two weeks.

Since I started, the number of animations, their lengths, complexity, and (hopefully) quality have increased by a ton. And so has the time required to make each one. On average, it takes at least an hour for every 2 seconds of animation (not counting planning, writing, or render time). Each animation is around a minute, so putting it all together, it's a full time job. Since I also have one of those, too, I'm constantly struggling to finish in time every week. So, the schedule's going to have to change again so I can keep up the quality and also have a life. 

The good news is I'm not slowing down by much. Sometimes, I really do need two weeks a video. But when I don't, I'll be trying to cram more of the story into each update so things move along a little quicker.

As always, I appreciate your support. The interest all of you have taken in this project means the world to me.

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