Awards for pledging $5 or $10
For those who pledges $5 you get an autographed cosplay print. Each month will be a different print so there will be a variety. For those who pledge $10 you get both autographed cosplay print and a cute fish plushie that I crocheted. Just so I don't keep giving you fishies each month I will only send out a fish the first month you pledge $10. Then, the months after that you will just get an autographed cosplay print and a different plushie of some kind depending on the theme of the month. For example: 1st month of pledging $10: a fish plushie and autographed print 2nd month: a jellyfish plushie and autographed print Etc So if these rewards are convincing, you may feel free to pledge $5 or $10. Otherwise, you may just pledge $1 a month and get exclusive access to WIPs and behind the scenes of my next cosplay project.