Today I spent the better part of the morning working on sending out rewards to all of the Patreon supporters. 

Joshua Wilson and Dean Estes are both getting something big. 

Everyone else is getting a little something, and will finally know my big secret. I have terrible handwriting. It may take a little while for those rewards to arrive, and some will probably get lost, but it’s the thought. Right?

Also going to offer a new type of reward. This is a “heads up” reward. Occasionally I will post something that is available, say an old DVD or Blu-ray that I’m going to give out for free. I’ll post it here to see if anyone wants it. Will give people a couple of days to respond, and then randomize those interested. This will only go to $5 supporters. These won’t be the big rewards that will go out monthly, but I think there‘ll be plenty that people will want.

Please support the show and share your rewards with your friends and social media. 

We bought Mark a new microphone with the funds, and mine will probably get upgraded in the next couple of months. I’m also setting up a podcasting setup at home, and the next podcast will be recorded and edited there. I’m hoping this will help with better sound quality, and it’ll definitely help get Waves off the ground.

Thanks again to everyone!