Away from city, there exist a life!

Away from city, there in village, there exist a life that everyone keeps wishing about. Why do we travel?, Everyone has their own perspective about travel, some travel for business motive, some travel to escape life, some travel to escape demands while some do of being a passionate about travel life, meeting new people, getting along various cultures, knowing new stories and certainly to realise how big the world is to enjoy than to worry about their tiny problems. Here, I chose to travel because of the flame inside me to roam the world, to let loose all the burden on me at some unknown place and never turn back. I always had a bug inside me to know about various places, the people staying there, the historical background and certainly it goes without saying the native traditional dishes. One such amazing destination happened to me while I was just done with my graduation final semester exams. The trauma of sleepless nights spent on studies was supposed to be replaced by sigh of relief, and certainly enjoyment with the besties who happened to be of the similar mental disorder as me. Vacations were just started and my bestie made a stay plan in the village ‘Pimpladari’ of ‘Mahaad’ Taluka of Raigad district near konkan around 130 kms from Pune. ‘Konkan’, place enough to send adrenaline rush inside you. This place ‘Mahaad’, happen to be the native village of my another bestie Ajay. Wait before heading ahead, did I mention about we three  musketeers? Team ‘AAA’, Akash, Ajay, Ashutosh, just like a team of WWE. We three happen to be lifetime besties. Travel goals are set between couples, but we besties have always had a different say on it. Hardly we ever require when a source to laugh when we have a tongue which speaks thousand similar words. So, anyways, the plan was made and was awaiting the execution sooner than later, Ashutosh and me thought for a bike ride which turned out to be pain in back sometime after. We started off from our hometown Pune, it was evening back then, so we took a calculated risk to drive off the hilly regions after we entered the very first ghat called as ‘Bhor ghat’ which ranged about 30 kms. Trust me had there been any plan of return to home, I would have raised my voice with ‘Yesss!!!!’, because the back pain produced was no longer seen to be ignorable, it was disastrous and the hours of sitting on backseat of bike made it even look more worse-Poor Ashutosh, couldn’t even complaint since he was the lone rider. Riding through the dark in the hilly regions where roads made up of slippery soil added by small rocks on it could make any biker slip, we were dependent only on bike lights as there were no street lights. Doesn’t that sound little worrying? And, I being a hard believer of ghosts, it sounded scary too. After carrying so much of back pain we were finally 70 kms to the destination. As the luck some times does not be in favour, we missed our correct route and entered wrong route which could have led us go missing, thankful to the people who guided us the right way and also warned us to not stop at the route which we were supposed take due to the paranormal activity at this time which every person staying nearby was aware about. Even, after putting a lot of bravefront, it sent shiver down my spine, when we entered the ‘Paranormal’ labelled route, all did we found was the silence distorted by the noise of our only bike present there. The only fear mounting was the bike shouldn’t go off like we see most of the times in movies, see how the movies sometimes play a negative role on our minds. Thankfully, we reached our destinations safely. Ajay along with his friends of village was awaiting for our arrival. Being unknown to other guys present there made us keep our tongues quiet for awhile. This was my first observation there that guys in village don’t seem to be carrying this attitude of ‘You first’, the guys welcomed us and invited us for village walk. But, since we were already a lot tired, we resisted and sat for awhile and went for sleep at Ajay’s home.  Since it was summer, it was quite expected we would be having tough time, but it proved to be false, the sleep was undisturbed by neither of mosquitos which we found daily in city and nor by the heat. Our first morning in the village was scheduled by taking bath at a nearby river, the most refreshing feel ever, but this was the first time that I was going to bath out in open and in river, but not much like the rivers spotted in city affected by pollution and dirt, the river in village was a lot clean and not smelly. Without any surprise one could spot the villagers could swim there even after the rumours of crocodile in it was spread. I was little scared, what if the crocodile truly existed there and what if it had caught one of us?. And such questions would result in lot of Jest among us and a huge share of laugh. What really amazed me were some old aged villagers willingly and actively working in the farm. I mean those are the wonders of staying in village, no matter what your age is, what your wealth is and what your religion is, you are treated equal. I could not anyhow spot the enmity among villagers, which we can easily spot between two to three localised families in city. The villagers whom we were introduced were very calm and nice character of people, wouldn’t mind to say every person in village was of similar character. Coming all the way from ‘Pune’ city it was obvious about the comparison we would drew between every aspect in village to every aspect in city, which also drew us  a conclusion that other than ready made things, no other aspect of city was better than the village. This was exactly I wanted my life to be like, rather than being caged I wanted to explore, rather than being a shy, reticent person, I wanted to be an extrovert. And the luck fortunes which took me to this village. The guy who would pass on his time by looking thousand times at the watch and then finally goes to the bed at night back home, didn’t even watch clock once in a day in village, the time was recognised by the daylight and evening darkness. We used to eagerly wait for the dark to take place, because sitting in an open farm under the stars with cold breeze giving us a wonderful feel after battling the afternoon heat, was the moment to be stored in our vault of memory. The very next second day we woke up with similar routine added up to eating pesticides free fresh mangoes straight from the trees in afternoon. We used to walk kms under blazing sun in order to reach the trees of mangoes located at the mountain to break the mangoes from trees, it goes without saying it took us back in our childhood days. Not many instances in life take us back to our childhood, all our life all we do is keep wishing, if we could ever get back the childhood in return, hardly do we ever try out to get it back, and since our wishes went true, I was ecstatic staying here. I wish, I stayed little longer there. Don’t be surprised if the villagers visit each others places without informing. This is how the relations are to be maintained. People here don’t maintain relations but value them. They are the live examples of a human free from all the binding of casteism, greed, enmity and thirst for money. I wish similar was developed into our city life, I wish along with the metro and smart city development our mindsets were made too. It was time to leave to get back to our home. The feel was amazing to live two days in village. We were little saddened by the fact that we shall leave tomorrow this beautiful location. We headed back to our home at 5 am next morning through the similar hilly region and dare to drive event. Reached back home safely, yet we were still mentally present in village. Cloud of thoughts mounting on our head, questions storming which were left unanswered, Would we ever realise how beautiful the life is if we were caged in one location all our life? Is breathing pollution the only option? Is complaining the only life left to enjoy? How huge difference would it make to take birth in a village? Would the birth be Living the life or just be survival?. Questions happen to be plenty answers seem to be none yet one conclusion, All my life I would go on travelling to a village and spend atleast a day escaping demands.