Awesome Patreon updates!
Yesterday I attanded the Patreon Hang Time where Jack Conte (CEO) and Taryn Arnold does a live video cast and people can ask questions and chat and haang and they let us know what updates they have in store etc. It was great, I think all the Patreon-people do such a great job building the Patreon.

I love that they have these hang times every month and really listens to the users of Patreon and hear what they (we) want to change etc.
You can watch the hang time here if you're interested:

AND! Some awesome updates that WILL be coming to Patreon, not sure when but they let us know they are in the works, that I am super excited about, are:

  • Multiple photos in Patreon posts. YES. This will make it so much easier for me to make posts, since I have a lot of photos I want to share. I have been adding photos together in Photoshop so far, but that is pretty time-consuming. And the posts will probably be looking better!

  • Polls! I will be able to enter polls into my "blogposts". This is great, I have been craving polls, I want to involve you patrons more in my creations and letting you vote on stuff through polls would be so much fun!

  • Tags (This is already working!) I can now tag my posts, although the tags are not searchable on the whole Patreon site, they can be used within my own Patreon page where I can filter my posts and you can click on a tag and see all posts with the same tag. I am sort of using them to categorize my posts, for example if you just want to see all posts with WIP photos oor all posts with masks etc.
    You can also filter to see only public posts, only patron-only posts etc. All very handy.
    You'll see my Patreon page has got an update with a new layout, with three tabs, if you click the "posts" tab you can see all the tags to the left.

  • Also, I'm using the Patreon app and that one seems to be improving also. It will notify you when someone you follow or pledge to make a new post, maybe worth checking out. ^^

    Just wanted to share my excitement with you, I think Patreon will just get better and better, I hope you're excited too! :)

    Wish you all a nice weekend! /Caroline