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AwesomeCast 216: Socialist Tuna Casserole
This week on Awesomecast 216, we talk awesome things in technology, including: Tonight we’re talking with @diggy about Pixels of Fury. - 3:28 We’re talking about Denver’s technology community with Colorado’s legalization of marijuana. Check out some of the work @diggy‘s been doing with AIGA. We’re excited about iOS addition of swipe. Mixed feelings on the big screen sizing. 18:30 Sorg talks about his first few runs with Youtube Live streaming – 27:46 We talk with Steve Lee about National Podcast Day! - 43:21 Facebook testing a way for users to schedule deletion of posts? – 59:02 The correct pronunciation of “Carnegie” brought to you by AwesomeCast crew and listeners. (This may be the most diverse show we’ve done.) BuyPartisan. An app that scans grocery barcodes to tell you whether your grocery supports Democrats or Republicans. - 1:03:56 Friend of the Show Walt Ribeiro has a Patreon Page at Check out some of the awesomeness he does. 1:09:30 Microsoft bought the company that makes Minecraft. – 1:11:21 We talk about the folks at for a laptop add-on for a 2nd mobile screen. – 1:17:19 After the show remember to: Eat at Slice on Broadway if you are in the Pittsburgh area! It is Awesome! ( Follow these awesome people on Twitter: John Chichilla (@chilla), John DeGore (@diggy), and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron). Also, check out and for more entertainment; and view us livestreaming Tuesdays at 6:30 PM EST!