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AwesomeCast 235: Blunted Feelings
This week on Awesomecast 235, we talk awesome things in technology, including: Awesome things of the week: The Sober Up app on Pebble ( 3:00 ) Pebble Decals (8:30 )Wizard World acquiring comic cons all over (including Pittsburgh comic con.) (10:15 ) Indiegogo event in Pittsburgh. ( 15:02 ) App of the week: A fashion related app in Stylinity. 23:47 Ways to get free space from Bing and Google. 30:39 The Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh getting lit up by Instagram. 37:25 LG’s version of VR and discussion on phone VR. 41:15 Discussion on giveaways/networking at tech events. 49:43 News on upcoming events. After the show remember to: Eat at Slice on Broadway if you are in the Pittsburgh area! It is Awesome! ( Follow these awesome people on Twitter: John Chichilla (@chilla), Katie Dudas (@kdudders) and Mike Sorg (@sorgatron).