AwesomeCast 272: These Are Not the Drones You Are Looking For
This week on Awesomecast 272, we talk awesome things in technology, including:

    • Starting with our Awesome Thing Of The Week. Up first is Chilla with Perch – creating a security monitor from an old device.

  • Sorg is taking it Halloween with his Awesome Thing Of The Week – creepy face reenactment tech face mapping.

  • Picobrew – The Keurig of home beer brewing. Thanks to Doug for his submission for Awesome Thing Of The Week.

  • We’re headed to Instagram’s new app Boomerang for our App Of The Week looping 1-second videos.

  • Did you know Google has been quietly recording your voice – and saving it?  Learn more and how you can delete it.

  • Thanks to @Optinvent for some additional details on last week’s ORA-X conversation. Check ‘em out on Kickstarter.

  • Because it’s our Halloween episode, we’re going to talk some costumes with Google’s Frightgeist site.

  • Facebook is unleashing universal search across its network.

  • Bing is a good mix of public and private enterprise. Chilla shares his thoughts.

  • WalMart is testing drone delivery.

  • OculusRift and Adawarp allows you to become a cuddly teddy bear.

  • Guitar Hero for Apple TV – Does it put it in the running as a gaming console? Chilla shares his thoughts.

  • If you’re a subscriber to New York Times you’re getting Google Cardboard!

  • YouTube Red is here! Sorg will be sharing some thoughts at Basic Sorganomics, but we’re briefly discussing.

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