Awkward Supervillains
First! Check out the debut of my new, very occasional, 3-panel comic with Chris Peterson, AWKWARD SUPERVILLAINS! I love writing 3-panel strips... there's a real art form to pacing it, and apparently I can write almost endlessly about the rather musty end of DC and Marvel's supervillain back catalog. This week is finally over. 12 days of solid part time job ness, then a family trip that involved driving 5 hours through Maine one day, and back the next evening. OVER. O. V. E. R. Tomorrow, blessed day of peace with daughter at Daycare when I will get halfway through the Grindhouse Christmas Annual script (SLAY RIDE), or die trying. Then! Starting to revamp website! I feel like the "getting my shit together" train is gathering momentum. On Tuesday, before I left on the 48 hour trip, I ordered business cards (, seriously gorgeous) and, by Saturday, they had arrived! And I didn't do rush shipping. Cheap yankee, I are. Really pleased with them. Finally have something to hand out at cons to potential readers and editors.... ...and with my being a guest at Phoenix Comicon (Jun 4-9), I have a pressing reason to make sure cards and site are sorted! Also, general professionalism (but that seems not to have stopped me before). These are the cards, if you're interested: cards are vertical, pic shows front and back. I also did Grindhouse ones with about four of our covers! Carla's done the pencils for the first issue of our series, they look FABULOUS, of course... Rey's doing a super job on Lady Zorro (out in July from Dynamite!), I just saw Issue 2.... other things in the works... it's all happening! I just need MORE TIME. (And more money, of course, like everyone else in the world.)
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