AWLC Noche de Musica y Arte 2016

A Few weeks ago I co-cordinated Noche deMusica y Arte , fundraiser event  for the American Women's Literay Club in Peru.

I was in charge of all the  art exhibition from thecuratorial work to the graphic design for the event.  It was hard work butquite a success.

Artists showed and sold their work,  half ofthe  money form the art sales went to  the artist andthe  other half to the educational fund of the AWLCwitch  sponsors  Enseña Peru (Institution  thatsends top professionals right out of Universities to teach inchallenging  location Peru ) and The Pedagogical institute ofMonterrico teaches Peruvian future Teachers.

The event  felt very warm and welcoming. There was a lovely  piano concert, cocktail and art exhibition.

As an artist I feel that it was  great to see the artists that were invited interacting with the public,  creating not only sales but further connections and opportunities.

As  volunteer coordinator I can say that every year we do our very best  to create  a great event and all our efforts go to raise  as much money as  we can for the much needed education in Peru.