Aww wow, thank you so much!
The last couple of days really put me in a spin so I haven't been able to sit down and personally thank everyone who signed up to be my patron -- but I definitely will! I can't wait to thank you in person.

So, quick update -- I've had more talks with the Ed of Inquisitr but no cigar on writing opinion. 

Well, that's not exactly right, he doesn't mind me writing opinion as long as it's the same opinion as everyone else. No "vitriol" just "heartfelt" pieces and not too often, certainly not daily. 

Problem is, my vitriol comes straight from the heart, and very much daily. I'm sure you're the same. Right now, my heart is very very angry, as should anyone's be who lives on this planet and cares about it. Anger is a very appropriate healthy response to imminent human extinction caused by a few very greedy people. 

But that's not really the problem, is it? Plenty of vitriol going around about Trump and I'm sure that would be just fine by my Ed, it's when you go saying naughty things like "Everything you know is wrong" and "We liberals need to change" etc.

Pro-tip for successful journalists: Don't ask the status quo to change, it doesn't like it. 

Ah well. Just the invisible censorship of the invisible regime closing in. I knew it would at some point. This feels much healthier though. Let's build something really cool together.