Axehead - Profile
P.E. Fudderman - A closer detail of the head of the animal illustrates the fine hair which stretches across the tense muscles of its jaw line. Like lions, the fur is blotched with spots to provide a natural camouflage when laying in the high brush or stretched out atop the rocky steppes. The maw on the Axehead appears less like an eagle's beak, but more like the beak belonging to a parrot or squid. The beak is supported by a lower jaw filled with sharp teeth and inner serrated ridges pointed back to perform much like barbs, digging in, preventing whatever the animal bit from escaping. The thin tongue has a prehensile quality to it which allows the animal to collect more delicate items, such as cactus fruit and draw it into its powerful jaws. The folded ears are an interesting mutation with this breed of griffon. Having only found one pride living near the Gile River in Arizona, I am yet to determine whether it is a true feature of this species or just inherent to this pride.
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