'Azrael, the Hermit' [Public Post]
Dear patrons and visitors,

This week my patrons week requested a serious painting of a stained glass window!

I loved the idea, but what should the subject be?

Another of the alternatives in the poll was "Your favorite tarot card".

My card has always been "The Hermit", so I thought of painting that as a stained glass window.
Classically he's depicted as a hooded figure, with a lamp in one hand and a staff in the other, alone roaming the land.
Coincidently, one of the main characters of my novel, Azrael, is also a loner, hooded too, with fire in one hand and a sword in the other. Thus, he became my Hermit!

I really enjoyed making this piece! 

If you like this piece and you want a print or other product with this piece on it, you can check my store!

What do you think?

Bear hugs!
ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ