Azsuna-Suramar wallpaper concept
I've never really attempted to draw any landscapes or structures... so this month's wallpaper is going to be eh, fun. If I mess up, well... at least you'll have a Diablo III Demon Hunter or Widowmaker mermaid for your phone or desktop ;-) 

Merging two zones into one - while making sure both remain somewhat recognizable - is not easy... 

All I knew is that I wanted thick clouds, twisted trees full of character, some structures (to practise) and a fountain with glowy flowers. This kinda added up to the composition pictured above.

I haven't played on the beta yet, so I'm not gonna attempt to recreate any ingame area (I am not even sure if these two zones are next to each other), but instead focus on creating something that is interesting to look at, hopefully - and maybe tells a story.

Ps. This will also be my first 21:9 wallpaper - so I'll be able to make different 16:9 'cut outs' :)

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