Babbling at you
Of course it's been months since I last posted- I've been so wrecked. So I'll try to update you all on some stuff and well as talk about things coming up soon.

First, I've been posting semi-regularly on my YouTube page, vlogs that are closed captioned by me (not auto-captions that are so bad that a campaign about captioning called them auto-craptions). Probably today at some time I'll get dressed and go outside in my sun gear and record my next vlog- about my sun allergy. Now that I've figured out recording videos, I need to do some specifically for Patreon, for patrons, but for now, they're all public

I'm in the midst of a whole bunch of rewriting in my Vala's Story serial (there's at least two of the vlogs on YouTube that talk about pieces of that a bunch). I've done thoughts of learning and that reflects in changes. Eventually there's going to be new cover art too, but I'm so poor that I have no clue how to fund paying someone to do it better; I'll likely set up a Kickstarter when I'm closer to ready for republishing.

I'm working on the WIP I started wrote during last July's Camp Nano; I'm hoping to have it ready to submit to Blushing Books before this July, when I have another WIP planned. I'm still working in my head on a better synopsis, tagline for what I'll be writing. I need to open my notes soon to see if I've come up with character names lol.

But... CODA (child of deaf adults) woman moves into a house across the street from a married, polyamorous couple. The woman from the couple falls in love with the CODA and the three become a polyamorous-V. Over the next few months, the CODA's Meniere's disease means surgery and profound deafness through which the polyam-V works to survive and thrive.