Babysitter Dopts

This is going to be the last dopts set for a while.

I went with babysitters because it's wrong.  8I

the basics ...

- these are chibi previews, yay

- the transaction is clean hands, no fuss no muss, feel free to ask if you have further questions

- There are two pricing options ...

   - $30 lands you the adoptable as is (so full rights to character and etc)

   - $50 lands you the adoptable and you also get a full body drawing of the character

        (note, this will be placed on the following schedule --> )

release schedule

- Patrons get first dibs (ends 6/23 when i wake up in the morning)

- Everyone else can place SECOND dibs via notes (ends 6/23, pressuring others may result in permaban)

- for the first week, everyone can only adopt 1 (ends 6/29)

- after that, get as many as you want

so here's the introductions ...

- Magdaline Storm, an easy going bookworm that enjoys adding house rules to board games

- Danica Wilds, prefers to play sports and wrestle, always up for a little rough housing

- Boddiccea Carmine, spends most of her time on her phone, but can't resist dancing

- Linda Star, She's vain enough to wear a star on her shirt because her last name is star

- Maron Wheatly, genuinely curious about everything and enjoys making other people ramble on

- Louise G., Mario Kart champion, she also loves to Smash Bros

... let me know if you're interested