Sorry for being away so long. Thanks for the continued support. Posted a little Free Art Friday emergency cast, trying to explain why I've been away for so long. Also seeking requests for the next Free Art Friday, and posting the unposted artworks done so far, at the Free Art Friday gallery. 4 pieces uploaded today.

To be sure, the video is meant as an explanation, and a way forward for me, not an excuse. Sorry to say, due to my bi-polarity and general rhythms as a person, there may come other periods in the future where I lapse and fail to deliver what I promise, but hopefully this one under extraordinary circumstances. Anyhow... I'm damned proud of the work so far, relaunching Free Art Fridays with you guys, and what's important for me now is to look forwards and find out how to make more awesome stuff for you all.  

Good to be back. Now what do you want me to draw next Friday?