Back from vacation!
I had a great time hanging out with my family in California. I got to go to the beach ... and I started the outlines and notes for book 3!

So far, I have the name of book 3, the basic conflicts, and the beginning of some brainstorming notes written down on yellow pad pages like you see above (well, that exact yellow pad you see above).

I'm still working out what Jacqui's main case is going to be, but I have a few ideas as to who's going to be giving the case to her. That part may become important.

If you were one of my $30 a month Patrons, you'd get nice clear photos of these pages! I think I'll start posting them every so often, so they'll be there when someone decides on that option.

The audiobook for book 1 (The Jacq of Spades) is on Audible and Amazon, if you're interested you can find out more here.

If you were one of my $10 Patrons, you would have gotten a code for 70% off through Gumroad for the MP3 audio files. But never fear! If you've never joined Audible, you can get The Jacq of Spades audiobook for free when you join.

Which I think is pretty cool.

So how is your summer going?