Back from "Bruxism", Housecleaning
Hey, folks! Just wanted to touch base, having just come back from the opening of "Bruxism" and beginning the process of turning back into a human being. I will say, with the utmost gratitude, that your pledges literally enabled me to get myself to Los Angeles-- my bank account went "plunk" right after I finished shipping all the work, and your pledges enabled me to get there and, like, feed myself. So, really, I couldn't be more grateful.

So, in said spirit of gratitude, I wanted to let you know that I'll be fiddling with pledges and Patreon levels in the coming month or two, in the hopes to both introduce a few more levels of patronage and to make sure that you're getting more bang for your buck. I want to take care of y'all in the way you've taken care of me. So, eternal gratitude, and know that there are more goodies coming soon.

Oh, thank you all, much love.