Back from Edmonton!
 Hey everyone ! I'm back from Edmonton Expo. What a crazy weekend. Okay it actually wasn't crazy, which is the weird part... Usually my expo experiences are always super busy and hectic, wearing a new costume each day, partying every night. Boy how things have changed! I did a "casual" orc cosplay on Friday with my friend Alli of Kitnip Cosplay, which for how casual it was, it took us 3 hours to paint ourselves and we made our own teeth with friendly plastics (which is freaking amazing btw! Get friendly plastics, so useful for so many things!).  On Saturday I wore my new N7 Rapunzel costume ... Mark Meer asked ME for a photo! That was my highlight of the weekend :) (Mark Meer is the voice of commander Shepard from Mass Effect). And Sunday, I just chilled. I walked around ALONE (usually always with con posse) and bought a lot of stuff... Too much stuff, including archer hoodie, Sword Art Online shirt, adventure time oven mitts, necklaces, pillow cases .. ALL THE THINGS aha. It was just such a different experience than normal, and I loved it. We went to bed early each night! Went out one night for food and ONE drink and were home by midnight. On glad because these cons can really drain me, and I need a good sleep! 

All in all, I had a blast. I got to hang out with my favourite Edmonton pals and see their beautiful faces,  enjoy the con without feeling like I had too many obligations. It was good!

Anyhoo, for October, I'll be starting to stream a lot more, as I'll be down to one of two of my jobs. It is a very part time job so I'm hoping that between that, Patreon, and streaming I won't have to go look for a replacement job! So you'll be seeing a lot of me :P 

PS. My prints arrived ! They look so awesome! Right now if you use the code DARA25 you get 25% off your purchase! Just going to have that going for this week. If you upgrade to $40 tier, you'll get every new print, if you upgrade 1 tier above what you are now, you'll get 2 prints sent to you!