Back from Australia!
Hihi! Just got back from holiday, so updates shall resume =D. Thanks so much for your patience. 

While away, I did complete writing up the summaries for the Shadow Magic animation series with 5 major story arcs to play out across 5 seasons. Also the episode -by-episode writeups for the first season. It's nice to have the most recent revision locked down. 

The included image today features Kaizei (Shadow Magic) and some girl doodles I did during my final day in Brisbane. 

The trip was eventful! I spent time in Broad Beach at the Gold Coast, enjoying sun and endless blue water and sky and sandy beaches spreading out in both directions. I also met up with Adam Zimmer, the artist behind the comic rendition of Soria, my novel series. He'd like to contribute some art to the Patreon soon, too =). His watercolor work and pencil work is crazy detailed and amazing =O and he's just getting his own graphic novel printed! Check out his DeviantArt page here:

After Broad Beach, I road-tripped down to Sydney, stopping overnight in the town of Port MacQuarie. Interesting how stuff closes so early .. like 3pm =__=... and coffee is weird. No such thing as regular brewed coffee in Australia! Only expresso versions- with different names!! lol it took a while to figure out what was what. 

In Sydney I was able to meet up with another long-time artist friend, Queenie Chan! Quite the prolific comics artist and illustrator, she's done quite a number of books which I highly recommend checking out =). You can find her work here:

After Sydney, I road-tripped back up to Brisbane to fly home to Vancouver. I'm so grateful I was able to visit Australia and check one off one country from the bucket list lol. And it was awesome to have the opportunity to meet some artist  friends  in person after so many years xD. 

Some videos coming soon to YouTube and Shadow Magic storyboards to contineu. 3 new Glassworker animation scenes underway and more! Stay tuned!

Tiffa Lei.

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