Back from the ABYSS
Hello, heroic Patreon supporters!


Thank you all so much for bearing with me while I untangled myself the massive deadline hell that was the end of this year. 

I've completed copy edits on my essay collection, THE GEEK FEMINIST REVOLUTION and turned in a VERY rough draft-ish copy of THE STARS ARE LEGION. Though THE STARS ARE LEGION has some rough work ahead in the next few months, it's the first time all year that I've only dedicated myself to a single novel-length work at a time. 

It's like... CHRISTMAS.

And, of course, it also means I have some time, during rewriting, to get back to working on some short fiction for you. I already have 8,000 words of a new Nyx story in the pipe, as well as that agonizing draft of "The Plague Givers." One of these will be done for SURE by the end of the month! As a special bonus, I'll also have a SECOND, much shorter, story to you all by the end of the month. Note, however, that you will only be charged for one story, as usual. The second is just a bonus because you have all been so very patient! I appreciate it.  I'm gunning to get your short stories to you by the last week of December. Billing will happen January 1st of 2016. 

Since it's December, all backers at $25 and up will ALSO be getting their holiday chapbook. Not sure which story this will be, probably the Nyx one. We'll see! 

Anyhow, stay tuned here in the next few weeks. And thanks for all your support.