Back from Camping and FREE from Classes!
This picture may look familiar to you, seeing big green trees and a clear sky! For me however, it's a rare sight! I went camping  for 3 days last weekend on a field trip for a leadership summit with other students (mostly leaders of clubs/events). I learned so much about being a leader and who I want to be in the future. 

We went canoeing at a nearby lake and we had to work together not to flip! Three canoes did flip, one because they were standing and taking selfies smh. There was also High ropes aka being up 300 feet in the air supported by a rope aka Bella did NOT DO THAT. I did do archery though and that was fun! 

I had so much fun and I made real heart to heart with people I never knew could be so kind and open. The event made me want to speak up and be myself because at the start I was too shy to really try. When I was myself I really shined and showed how creative and artistic I really am in my heart. I got compliments about how positive, encountering, bright, kind, and amazing I really was. It was something I really needed to hear and after I got home I knew that I wanted to be confident and myself no matter where I go.

I made some drawings during my free time (not much since I had to prepare for a surprise speech wah) that I hope everyone enjoys! 

MY CLASSES ARE OFFICIALLY OVER, YAY! My last day was yesterday and I am looking forward to relaxing, making awesome art, and completely Bunny Boy VN CH 3!!!!!!!!!! I really want to relax first though, I havn't let myself do that in a long, long time. I will however start to take pictures from my final projects and upload them here soon! 

Thank you everyone for your support and believing in me as an artist, my dear patrons. I can feel myself believing in Bella the more I let myself be the true UGUUER I AM!!! Because I never thought I could show that in person what I have in my heart, but this camp weekend and the connections I made with amazing people who believed and supported me as well saw that in my soul! 

I'm looking forward to this Summer because we're going to make it awesome uguu!!!!!