Back from CEO championships!!! With updates :o
If anyone was wondering, HaisenNova won the CEO Tickets giveaway! If you don't know what CEO is, it's a Fighting Game Championships event that I LOVE going to every year. But since Haisen lives in Peru he opted for the Donation prize to the Able Gamers Foundation 😊 They help supply equipment that lets kids with disabilities play video games! Thank you Haisen!!!!

Next update!Β 

Β All $10 patrons for July get a fan sign from me! Comment or message your name (let me know if you need a specific cheery message, too!). If you're a current $1 patron you get one as well as a Thank You for your support πŸ˜€ Again, ALL $10 patron will get one so it's not a giveaway, just a given πŸ˜‰Β 

Confirmed Giveaways!

3 Starter Pokemon Lego Kits

5 Polaroids will be given out for the month of July

1 Official CEO 2017 Fighting Game Club T-shirt


Please comment your SC name 😊 I need it to keep my special Snapchat list updated so only my patrons get to see some of the special content I've been putting out for members. Let's keep everything we share in there a secret, okay? πŸ˜‰ You are all very precious to me and I want to keep putting out content, but I can only do it if I'm comfortable with y'all. Feel free to remind me that you're a 40 patron (processed), it gets hard to organize everything and snapchat eats conversations sadly. $10 patrons can request sexy stuff, you might get really lucky ;D

Special Patreons!

Feel free to mention your preferences and likes ❀ I accept you as you are and would never judge you. I'm learning lots about fetishes and preferences right now and it's super interesting to interact with you all :3 Please don't hesitate to remind me what you want because there are a lot of you and I have marbles for memory lol


My new Snapchat is Chibi Cynthia~ My Facebook is Cynthia Bunnay! Feel free to message me there if you need because Snapchat gets messy conversation wise sometimes. Also, please be patient if I don't respond or take a while to! I have to prioritize certain people ^_^Β