Back from FC, Stream Dates!
I'm back from FC, and super excited to get back to work on Patreon!  I have a whopping FOUR DAYS of Patreon material to make, and it looks like the extended winter TeaFeathers illustration won the poll. The streams will begin on Monday January 25th and finish on Thursday January 28th.  I'll likely get started around noon Mountain time, but I'm staying flexible on that in case my sleep disorder kicks in and changes the plan.

As a bonus, everyone who pledges $10 or more for January will receive a mini print of the resulting illustration!  I've already sent messages to everyone who gets print perks for this month to ask after your print choice, but if you want to delay your choice and possibly choose this month's piece for your print, that's ok.  I will also be posting an exclusive set of WIP shots for patrons, including a layered PSD file for learning purposes. 

I can't wait to get started on Monday, hope to see some of you then!

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