Back from Antalya Film Forum to Pitch Our Film
Hello Kind Patrons!

yesterday we came back from four days at the Antalya Film Forum, in the South of Turkey, where we pitched our feature film "In 5 Years" in front of a few hundred people and an International Jury. That was Day 1. The rest of the time we took meetings with professionals, just like we did in Locarno. We were 1 of the 12 projects selected over a hundred applications. 

Antalya was a very different experience than Locarno: it was the first time we pitched on stage, with a limited amount of time (8 minutes to pitch + 5 minutes for questions from the Jury) and it was a bit nerve-racking. The second novelty was that Gizem could join Muge (my producer) and I on this journey! (Gizem is our creative producer). That made a huge difference and as you can see from the big smiles on our faces from the picture above, we liked it.

To break the suspense right away: we didn't win. But we are very happy with what we did, and even hoped winning. A lot of professionals present during the pitching contest came to tell us we did great, and genuinely loved the pitch. One seller said that she felt she was Frederique (the name of the main character) and that many people probably felt that way too, which is the best thing you can hear.

So why didn't we win? We don't know, and we'll never know. We were not to the taste of the jury, that we know. The why behind it will remain forever a mystery. 

But that's just what happens when you're in a contest. Everybody cannot win. You want it to be you, but if you don't and it's a contest based on subjective taste, you can only stay focus and work to grow stronger as a storyteller. 

Of course we wanted to win, and we definitely could have used the cash prize to take several practical steps we can't take at the moment. But is that going to make us stop? Nope. If we had done a poor job during the pitch, I would have felt terrible. But we didn't, so there was truly nothing we could do about it.

One of the thing that we had for our pitch was a mood video. It took 1 min of our 8 minutes, so it was a risk but we took it, and based on people's feedback, it paid off for our meetings. Next week, I'll share the mood video to patrons only, and will explain how I made the video without shooting anything and the full process. 

In the meantime, if you want to see a picture of Muge and I on stage while pitching and get a sense of the place: 

Onward with creative love!

Nathalie & Gizem

from GizLie