Back from Japan
Huge thanks and there's a ton of stuff we'll be showing you, our patrons,   as exclusive premieres before the rest of the world gets chance to see.

For now, the jet-lag needs to be beaten into submission and the recovery from World Fishing Day Live broadcasting on one day, followed by a 4am start and a mentally tough hike into a remote stream area the following day (all as part of around 9 days of continual filming and travelling). We learned a lot more about the mountain culture of foraging, sustainable living and the professional tenkara angler's art. 

Huge thanks as well to the very direct support from folks like Go Ishii,  Uberto Calligarich, Keiichi Okushi, Kazuyuki Yamada, Yuzo Sebata, Kozue Sanbe, Matsumoto-san, Goto-san, Tsuruga san, Everyone at Fishing TV (who subsidised a large proportion of the trip costs) and especially Enosawa Hiromu and all the crew at Tokyo Trout Country