Back from Japan!
Hi Guys!! Back from my short trip to Japan, first time out of the country and I had quite a pleasant experience! Won't rant too much on it but I was so tired from 4 days of straight walking that I had boulders for feet xD 

I took a day for cleaning my work space and room (mainly to unpack) but now back into the creating game!!

Something I really took from the Japanese culture is their want to make things easier for the consumer. Here in America companies offer easy returns to accommodate people's need for convenience.  In Japan it seems as though they make it so you don't have to return an item and you leave feeling happy from being well served from ease of paying to how they pack your bag for you. It's something I want to bring into my own way of doing things more. I hope I make things easier for people o.o I find there's always a way to do more though! 

I can't wait to create and shoot more pictures~ If your wondering at all my brother primarily paid for the trip (cause he knows I'm pretty broke...) and all the wonderful support I have from you guys are going straight into cosplay! :D 

Thanks so much for all the support~ I want to be able to keep making pretty things for you guys to see!