Back from SDCC!
Wow! That was tiring.  I like going to Comic Book Conventions.  But honestly, it's the most exhausting experience ever.  When I was a kid, I used to love going to the convention.  I actually bought comics!  Nowadays, it's all about hustling.  I sell my wares, promote my brand and basically get people to give Frank and Steinway a look and a chance.  Even for a few hours, it becomes mentally, and even physically draining.  When I got home, I simply dropped onto the bed and drifted almost immediately.  This was just a weekend mind you.  It made me wonder and pity those that constantly have to travel every week or weekend, to do the same thing.  I watch those pro wrestlers (the scripted kind) and see that these guys travel from place to place every week, sometimes internationally, while keeping their optimism and professionalism intact.  Kudos to them.  Oh to be younger again, and in the golden age of newspapers.  Still, we keep on keeping on!  Maybe another show.  Maybe one outside of California.  Hawaii was a good one last year.  But I think I need to turn the dial up on these two.  They need to be seen!  Have a good day!!