Back from the Sea
I've spent the last month out on the open ocean, and boy am I glad to be back on land for a bit. The comic has been scheduled to begin updating again starting on September 1st. There are still some rewards that need to get sent out and I apologize for the delay. Aside from my naval duties, thanks to my promotion, I have been able to move myself into an apartment and trying to make it into a livable space from scratch has been an adventure for sure. Something I would like to hear from you guys is how to use this Patreon, now that it is impossible to put the comic into print without the original files. The highest goal right now tabling at a future convention, though it would be hard to table at a con without having a physical book to distribute (I am considering putting together a sketchbook in the future, though.) Another possible goal I've been tossing around is having an animated trailer for Monster's Garden to be made, which would require hiring an animator or two, but that's still in a brainstorming phase. So please do use this post as an opportunity to voice any concerns or feedback regarding this Patreon. You have been generous enough to give to the comic, and I would like to make sure you guys are satisfied with the project. Thank you so much!
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