Back from VCFMW!

Another year, another Vintage Computer Festival Midwest.  By most accounts it was a great success:  We had a larger hall this year, more tables, more vendors, more auction items, more more more....  And, we experienced some scale-related problems for the first time because of this.  I was personally elated that some of my friends and colleagues could attend this year.  (In one photo, you can see Clint of LGR, David of 8-Bit Guy, Ben Heck of various shows and restoration efforts, and Jim Brain who has created many popular homebrew C64 addons.  In another photo, you can see both Inverse Phase and Diode Milliampere, Chiptune musicians.)

Me personally, I didn't plan exercise in advance and volunteers to relieve me, so my back was worthless about halfway through the show.  Unfortunately, this means I did not get to interview anyone throughout the show, which is something I was going to make into September's video.  I still have plenty of stills taken by TJ of DigitalDinos, some timelapse footage I was able to set up before my back went south, and all the talks, so hopefully I can put something interesting together regardless.  I will strive to plan better next year, and I saw other people filming at the show so there should be some other retrospectives in the coming weeks too.

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