Back home again...thanks to everyone who made this possible!
I got back last night from a trip to Holland and France, which was made financially possible by you fine folks on Patreon, and made productive by the indispensable aid of a bunch of great people in Holland, Belgium, and France. I filmed videos on a whole bunch of very cool guns - some uniquely Dutch pieces, some clandestine OSS type things, some experimental semiauto bolt action conversions, and much more. I have a pretty substantial video backlog right now, so I don't know when exactly they will be publishing, but I can definitely say that I will be posting daily videos for all of this year, with only the occasional missed day as a result of this (and other) travel.

A very special thanks to the people who helped coordinate the trip - Bert, Mathieu, Darius, Edouard, Pieter, Henri, Bertus, Bernd, and several others who wish to remain anonymous!

We also had a very enjoyable meetup in Paris with 8 or 9 Patreon folks. I will make a point to do more of that as I am traveling in the future, as well as here at home.