Right! I'm back. And I'm planning. Planning? Yes.

I'm looking to get the Satiator to be available as soon as possible, but without compromising on my quality standards. This is a tricky balance: it's easy to get busy gold-plating things "just in case" that turn out not to be necessary in the future. There are also lessons to learn here from my Game Boy cart, the Drag'n'Derp.

I'm looking for a manufacturing and sales partner to make the Satiator available. With the Drag'n'Derp, I handled assembly, testing, packing, and a lot of sales and shipping myself. As a result, whenever I got busy the supply of carts would dry up. It doesn't have to be this way; someone who is actually good at these things would do a much better job.

This then makes for some new work. In particular, the manufacturing test system has to be something that anyone can use: you put in a cartridge and get a pass or fail result. (And if it's a fail, ideally, a precise indication of where the problem is.)

No pretty pictures today, then. More updates soon!

And thanks to all of you for bearing with me through the latest period of travels and travails. (Not to mention the Patreon fees kerfuffle.) It's very encouraging to me to remember that this project will become a thing in your hands.

- James