Back in Action!
Things are settling a little bit around the house and I think I'm going to be gaming on the channel Rerolling 1s here this saturday. Super pumped. I'm going to go for a 1k game using the Disciples of Tzeentch allegiance. This is what I'm thinking for a list:

 Chaos Sorcerer Lord On Manticore (200)

 Gaunt Summoner (120)

 - General Units 

30 x Chaos Marauders (180) 

3 x Flamers Of Tzeentch (180) 

10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (120) 

3 x Flamers Of Tzeentch (180) 

The Plan: 

Use the marauders as a cheap wall (buffed by Shield of fate spell on Sorcerer) while horrors and flamers fire behind them. Hero phase is all about spells, trying to pump out mortal wounds. Late game (When marauders evaporate) manticore gets up in there and tries to act as a further meatwall till its finished off. 

What do you all think?