Back in the Saddle and a New Schedule
Hello Monkeyheads! The long wait is over. I climbed out of from under the mountain of freelance work, moved cross-country (again), and took on a new job as the Artist in Residence for Evil Hat Productions. That is to say, I am back to making fun content and back to working on Patreon content.

I have updated the production schedule (see above and attached). New Patreon-only content drops on Tuesdays, beginning with the first Tuesday of the month and following each Tuesday after. If we hit a month with five Tuesdays, I will take that week off and work ahead.

d20Monkey: Random Encounters will post early for Patrons and then over on the Random Encounters page at

You have been patient while I worked hard to get myself together and I want to make sure this page is worth your hard-earned dollars.

I am not going to get ahead of myself, but I would love to add more goals as I have no shortage of ideas. One of those being d20Monkey: Tangents - a dedicated series of short stories for Patreon dedicated to some of the many series ideas have over the course of the years. Would there be interest? I'd love to know.

Thanks so much for your patience and look for No Context Theatre tomorrow!

- Brian

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