Back in the Saddle!
Patrons and future patrons, attention please! It's been a hellacious year and now, as I wrap the final appearances of 2016 (Comics and More in Detroit Oct 29, Tucson Comic Con November 4-6 and Great American Comic Con in Vegas Dec 3-4) I look very much forward to reconnecting with you all here and getting new work done! This means finishing the Legend of Oz novel adaption, starting the Ursa Minor Vol 2 novel and continuing the Patreon exclusive novel being written for YOU!

It's Monday! Know what that means? It's your weekly reminder that  all of my Patrons at ALL levels (even the basic $2.00 level) get a chapter of the Patreon exclusive novel, the Elephant's Graveyard every month.  Elephant's Graveyard is a supernatural story about a family dealing with the sins of fathers past, and the consequences that come with them.

If you're not a Patron yet, you can sign up today and I will make sure you are caught up in time for the next chapter release in November!