Back in the saddle again
Greetings, lovely patrons! Just a quick update to let you know what I've been doing, creative-project-wise.

As you may know, I was able to put together a photography portfolio and have been doing some freelance article writing and photography. Since I haven't obtained a steady job, yet, I've been trying to step up my freelance work. I've realized I need some more experience covering live events, so, after writing a promotional article about the NYC Cat Camp event, I got a press pass (my first official one!) to cover it.  It was mostly to practice taking photos indoors and doing on-the-fly interviews, but I also got to check out a lot of cat-related products, see cat world celebrities like Jackson Galaxy and L'il Bub, and, of course, see lots of sweet cats. I learned I need to up my game in taking candids with flash, so I'll be working on that. I may put up some photos from it on my Instagram later.

As for writing work, right now I'm putting together a writing portfolio. This will mainly be for applying to writing jobs, but will also be useful later for showing to publishers and/or agents. I'll let you know when it's online.

Some good news is that I am finally making headway again on Silent Retreat 2.  Due to some personal issues, as well as the general malaise that a lot of us in the U. S. have been feeling since the presidential election, I was struggling with writer's block with fan fic. I've recently written several new chapters, however, after deciding to make some plot changes to make it less of an angst-fest.  (Sorry to those who like maximum drama, but you're welcome to you who want things to run a wee bit smoother and fluffier for our heroines.)  I've got some folks beta-ing them now, so perhaps new chapters will go up soon...

Lastly, I've been scribbling away on some personal projects: a fiction piece and some autobiographical stories my wife has been asking me to put down for years.    If any of you are interested in samples, feel free to let me know, and I'll send some your way.

That's it for now. Thank you so much again for supporting my work, especially during this time when I've been unemployed.  It really motivates and means the world to me.