Back in Syria reporting from Idlib borders


Al Sqeilbiyyeh- where legends grow out of adversity and courage is too small a word to describe these steadfast people still enduring war and terror after much of Syria has fallen quiet...

I have just returned from Al Skeilbiyyeh, a Syrian Christian town nestled in the lush and abundant countryside of Northern Hama. This town has been the target of western sponsored terrorism for more than eight years. I will be writing an article featuring the volunteer female snipers who made a decision to "take back their freedom and their rights with their own hands" and to avenge the martyred husbands, sons, brothers and fathers who have died defending the town against the extremist gangs who would drive these people from their homes and their land.

I also interviewed the General Director of Skeilbiyyeh Hospital who described the systematic targeting of the hospital by the U.S Coalition client terrorists and the destructive effects of the illegal international sanctions against Syria. While the Western state media focuses on the imaginary hospitals being "targeted by the Syrian government", these country hospitals servicing rural communities are never mentioned and there is no outrage over their gradual decline and struggle to keep providing care and healing for the people of Syria.

I visited Qalaat Al Madiq citadel, recently liberated from Nusra Front occupation by the Syrian Arab Army and I saw for my own eyes the usual shared complex with the White Helmets and Al Qaeda side by side committing crimes against Humanity, paid for by their handlers in the West, in particular the UK.

On my last day, I attended the wedding of a dear friend, an NDF soldier, Mekhael Sallom.. only 30 minutes after the wedding, 3 terrorist mortars targeted the surrounds of the hospital, destroying a car and an ambulance. Thankfully nobody was hurt in this attack. Two more rockets targeted the surrounding countryside around Al Skeilbiyyeh this morning just as we were leaving. Life, celebration and resistance.

Thank you as always to the commander of the NDF forces, Nabel Alabdalla,for his hospitality, generosity and kindness.

God bless all of you and keep you safe.

Articles and interviews to follow shortly.

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